Hotels with Jacuzzi in room

Welcome to, internet web portal that allows you to find hotels with jacuzzi in room around the United States. For ease of Web browsing, the jacuzzi hotels are sorted by states and cities, and in the file for each hotel can read a short summary of the facilities available in it.


While, in general are called hotels with hot tub in the room, many times the rooms of these hotels do not have a jacuzzi, but have a hot tub. The most important difference between a jacuzzi and a hot tub is that while an effect of bubbling water, hot tubs jets shooting water into the center of the pool to produce a little massage to anyone who is inside.


Initially, people who wants to stay in a jacuzzi room seems to be exclusively couples wishing to spend a romantic weekend getaway, but more and more families with children who seek long-term stays in hotels that have hot tub, either in private or public . Spending a few days in a hotel with spa, jacuzzi or hot tub will recover the peace and you get a state of relaxation necessary to meet the daily routine.